Helton Backhoe Service has been providing excavation and demolition services for the good people of Summit County, Colorado and surrounding areas for over 22 years. We are your home-town backhoe service. Whether its new construction or a remodeling job to an existing structure, we have the equipment and know-how to get it right the first time. Residential & commercial. Septics, foundations, digging, earth work, and more.


Excavation Services

Do you need land cleared? A residential septic system, basement digging, or general earth moving services? We are expert at water systems & sewer systems, and continue to hone our skills in that area while also remaining active in all other areas of excavation. At Helton Backhoe Service excavating is our specialty. No job is too big or small. We provide emergency work when you need someone right away.

Demolition Services
Full/Partial | Disposal | Deconstruction

Count on the licensed professionals at Helton Backhoe Service to demolish old buildings and structures that may pose a threat to your safety. We do everything from the demolition to the cleanup, and all of our methods are in compliance with state laws. Our extensive experience ensures that all concerns — permits, safety standards, governmental guidelines, environmental regulations, civil engineering, utility scheduling, material requirements, timelines, and more — are taken into account.

Site Preparaton & Foundational Support
Commercial | Residential | Industrial | Agricultural | Municipal

The main purpose of site clearance is to remove existing buildings, waste, vegetation and, most importantly, the surface layer of soil referred to as topsoil. It is necessary to remove this layer of soil, as it is unsuitable to build on. Site preparation may involve the demolition or wrecking of buildings and other structures, clearing of building sites and materials from demolished structures. Site preparation also can also entail test drilling, levelling, earth-moving, excavating, land drainage and other land preparation.

Once site clearance and prep is done it’s time for a foundation. This often includes the setting out of building foundation trenches. This is the process of laying down the excavation line and centerline on the ground based on the foundation plan. The setting out process is performed before commencing the excavation process. At Helton Backhoe Service, we have been doing site clearing and foundation trenching for over 22 years right here in Summit County, Colorado. We take pride in our honesty & integrity.

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